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Radiant Summer Skin

summer_2014It’s that time of year again, summer has started, cookouts, pool days, and long walks on the beach, all of which mean one thing, your skin needs revitalized from the heat and sun! While everyone else is worried about their beach bodies, Racinne is focusing on your summer skin care. The sun, pool chemicals, and sunblock can make your skin look and feel dry and dull. And no one wants that! Summer is the time to have that bright, fresh look. With the antioxidant plant stem cell based Ultimate Hydra Perfection collection that is just what you will get. Each product is specially formulated to help even skin tone, moisturize, lighten dark spots, and rejuvenate skin texture . . . Read More

Rebekah George Talks About Racinne On Fox 19 Conneticut

Rebekah George Shows Conneticut How To Keep Your Skin Radiant This Summer With Racinne’s Skincare System

See Rebekah George introducing Racinne’s callus cultivation technology (plant stem cell extract) to Conneticut and recommending using our skincare system to achieve beautiful glowing skin with a firmer, tighter and more rejuvenated look that is perfect for the summer events.

As a starter, we recommend using the Ultimate Hydra Perfection Advanced Luminous Gel for day and the Ultimate Defense Illuminating Cream for night as they both contain the highly antioxidant grape stem cell extract that will keep you skin hydrated and result in a youthful radiant glow!

You can learn more about or shop our Ultimate Hydra Perfection Advanced Luminous Gel and Ultimate Hydra Perfection Ultimate Defense Illuminating Cream here.

5 Common Summer Skin Problems and How to Deal with Them

summer skin problemsSummer is almost here, and while most of us consider summer as one of our favorite seasons, summer can also mean big trouble for our skin. Here are a few common skin issues that tend to surface during the summer, plus tips for preventing or correcting them.

1. Sunburn. This is by far the most common skin problem during the summer month, and the only way to reliably prevent it is to use sunscreen liberally, and often. Your sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30 and offer broad-spectrum sun protection. If you’ve already gotten a mild sunburn, apply an over the counter hydrocortisone cream to the affected area. For serious sunburns, see your doctor as soon as possible.

2. Sunspots. Another direct result of sun exposure, sunspots can appear on areas of skin that are usually exposed to the sun, such as your face, shoulders, hands and décolletage. Again, to prevent them, use sunscreen liberally. To treat existing sunspots, use Racinne’s Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream . . . Read More