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Perfect Skin for that Perfect Selflie

Snip20141011_6  I’m thirty. Yes, I said it, thirty, and I still have acne scars, blemishes, and just can’t seem to get my face to be a smooth canvas for beauty. Don’t hide ladies. We all know we try to conceal these issues, even from ourselves. We are always looking for the best angle for our selfies and the right lighting for a date night. No matter your age, I suspect you are like me. . . . Read More

Honest Review from Real Customer: Aqua Blanc Brightening Series

flowerHave you ever been jealous of celebrities? Not for their fancy cars, and designer clothes, but for their magazine perfect skin. If you are like me and you’ve wondered if you really need to only wash your face with Evian water, then let Racinne come to the rescue. The answer is no, of course you don’t have to use expensive bottles of water to wash your face, but you do need the right tools to achieve and maintain that fresh, smooth, even toned skin. It was recommended to me to try Racinne’s Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series. So, after two months, here it is my honest reflection on the products in the Aqua Blanc line.

Uh, I love it! No, really, the products are amazing. The first thing I notice when using a face product, be it scrub, toner, moisturizer, etc. is the smell, and these products smell luxurious. I know you’re thinking, “How does something smell luxurious?” but they do. There is a fresh scent without the overpowering lemon or flower fragrance most companies use to mask the odor of chemicals. The Aqua Blanc Series, like all Racinne products are made with only natural ingredients and from the finest organic plants, fruits and herbs. The texture of the product is smooth and creamy without being thick or oily. Each product leaves your skin feeling renewed.

 Following the Aqua Blanc Series suggested daily plan, I used the Gentle Cleansing Foam with the scrub brush, and each time, I feel as though my face got a mini massage. You can feel the cleansing foam deeply cleaning your pores and leaving skin clean and fresh. Next, I used the Aqua Blanc Tonic spray. I love this product. The aloe and soothes skin while it is being hydrated as well. And the best thing? This product doubles as a set for your make-up. No more “melting” faces! This second step also readies your skin for the next step in the Aqua Blanc Series. The Aqua Blanc Concentrate and the Aqua Blanc Boost are more favorites. These products use natural ingredients to reduce dark spots and restore dull, damaged skin. As someone who has paid for professional dermatological sand blasting, these products not only saves you money, but also time, redness, and pain! How wonderful to be able to lighten dark spots without the hassle of a doctor’s appointment. And finally, as a special treat for your skin, try the Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque. I have used this products a couple of times a week to stimulate my skin and reduce pigmentation. It leaves your skin glowing and feeling radiant.

 As someone who has been looking for the best skincare regimen for years, you can trust me when I say, I’ve found it. The Racinne Aqua Blanc Series does everything that I could hope for in a skin care line. I feel like I am pampering myself in an expensive spa, with luxurious products for less than $200. I truly can’t say enough positive things about this Racinne product line. But, don’t just listen to me. Try it yourself, smell, see, and feel the difference your skin has been waiting for.


Radiant Summer Skin

summer_2014It’s that time of year again, summer has started, cookouts, pool days, and long walks on the beach, all of which mean one thing, your skin needs revitalized from the heat and sun! While everyone else is worried about their beach bodies, Racinne is focusing on your summer skin care. The sun, pool chemicals, and sunblock can make your skin look and feel dry and dull. And no one wants that! Summer is the time to have that bright, fresh look. With the antioxidant plant stem cell based Ultimate Hydra Perfection collection that is just what you will get. Each product is specially formulated to help even skin tone, moisturize, lighten dark spots, and rejuvenate skin texture . . . Read More

Science Meets Beauty!

Little Black Dress

Let Racinne help you glow with even more confident in your little black dress!

Racinne is transforming white lab coats into little black dresses! There’s no reason why science can’t be beautiful. With Racinne’s Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum, you get the technology of plant-based science combined with the stunning look of luminous skin. This innovative product uses cutting edge technology to produce phytonutrients rich extracts from plant stem cells, and the rare Panax ginseng plant used in our Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum is known to restore and preserve health. The more hydrated, smoother, and glowing skin that you see around your eyes after each application is the result of the phytonutrients penetrated deeply into your skin which begins to detoxify and regenerate healthier skin cells from the inside out.

. . . Read More

Skincare: One Size Does NOT Fit All

skincare routineAlert to women of the world: your skin is one unique individual… don’t follow the crowd!

Here’s the thing: people are different. Different sizes, different shapes, different colors and different hormones. We all know that, so why do we keep buying the same skin products as our friends? I’ve done it myself. Not sure what the appeal is, but when I see the face cream in a darling packaging that my friend is using to freshen up at the next sink I feel compelled to purchase the same one for myself. But let’s be rational folks, my skin is not the same as her skin.

You’ve probably already heard about the three main skin types: dry, oily, and t-zone issues type. You may even have been able to fit yourself into one of these categories but . . . Read More

What the Heck Happened to my Neck?!

neck creamThis is a little essay about the often forgotten, commonly neglected neck. Necks? I can hear you say, “I forgot I had one.” or “That’s what giraffes have, right?’” That’s correct, my dear…you have one more thing to add to your list of concerns; your neck.

Every woman knows that she’s got to take care of her face, we’ve heard it from our Mothers and magazine articles since age two. Now that most of us have developed careful routines on keeping the skin on our face in excellent (sun protected, moisturized, vitamin fed, tight-but-not-too-tight, wrinkle preventing) shape, we look in the mirror and say “Great, my face looks pretty good. But what’s that spotty or saggy stuff happening under my chin?” Welcome to the world of “Oh heck…my neck!” It’s a last minute scramble to fix things from here. But fear not…we have a solution for that! . . . Read More