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Elle Canada: “Skin looks bright and hydrated thanks to this pearl-extract and aloe-vera-rich mask”

Elle Canada said Racinne's Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque brightens and hydrates skin.

Elle Canada in its April 2015 issue title, Save Your Skin Our Anti-aging Special, it had featured Racinne’s Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque as one of the beauty products that you need to know. According to the beauty editor, studies had shown that “people see skin discoloration as a much bigger indicator of age than wrinkles.” Hence, naming our brightening masque as a “Face Friends.” Racinne’s Ultimate Aqua Blanc series contain our own unique ingredient, lotus stem-cells, and Niacinamide that are clinically proven to fight hyperpigmentation.

Elle Canada, we thank you so much for the mentioning! Get your Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque now!

And do you agree that skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation is a much bigger indicator of age than wrinkles? We’d love to read your comments below.


Deal of The Week 01/11   

Racinne's Advanced Luminous Gel

A lot of things are enjoyed under the candle light, our Advanced Luminous Gel with grape stem cell that can repair and hydrate dry skin simultaneously, and is also a perfect make-up base should definitely be enjoyed by you. Candle light or not, go ahead and experience a rested and luminous skin that this lightweight moisturizer has to offer as we are giving away 100 Advanced Luminous Gel samples. Get yours now!

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Deal of The Week 08/05   


As the summer break is winding down, we hope everyone has had a blast under the sun! But, did you know that the sun damages your skin, and that damage is just like a wound? Well, did you also know that our Ultimate Youth Power Series contains just the right active ingredients, like the SHDP-9 (a cell messaging peptide), and Panax ginseng stem cell extract, to treat your skin? All of these products have been proven to promote wound healing when applied topically. So, for this week’s deal of the week, we are giving away our Ultimate Youth Power Face Care samples to our Facebook fans! What’s better than a free sample? So, while you are thinking about back to school shopping, fall colors, and pumpkin spice, be sure to remember the Ultimate Youth Power Face Care samples and claim yours now. Then you’ll be able to experience why people are raving about the “Racinne Glow!”

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Deal of The Week 07/04   

Deal of The Week July 13 2014

“Tiny bubbles, make my skin happy…”

For this week’s deal of the week Racinne USA is offering deep discount on our luxurious facial cleansing set that will leave your skin feeling pristine and balance. Our cleansing foam goes on really soft and silky because it contains micro bubbles that are formulated for deep cleansing, plus its main ingredient includes rose water for detoxifying, soothing, and leaving your skin residual free. It will be hard finding another facial cleansing combination that makes you skin feeling that true happiness. Don’t wait and order yours now and massage away your daily stress!

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